Brake Fluid

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Brake Fluid

Stop Dot-4 Super Blue is a brake oil of premium quality made especially for use in high performance race cars. It has a high boiling point of 280°C with fantastically low viscosity at cold temperatures, allowing it to be used in high performance automobiles as a slow ageing lubricant. Due to its long life of up-to 3 years under normal conditions, it is also recommended for use in passenger cars. The Stop Dot-4 Super Blue works well even if mixed with other Dot-3, Dot-4 and Dot-5.1 standard oils.


  • High dry boiling point
  • High wet boiling point
  • High lubricating power
  • Exceptional low viscosity at low temperature
  • Miscibility with all brake fluids of the same specification


  • ISO 4925 Class 6
  • FMVSS 116 DOT 4
  • SAE J 1704

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